Protect Consumers

The first job of the Arizona Corporation Commission is to protect consumers. Utilities like power and water companies are public trusts. They are allowed to operate as monopolies in exchange for only charging reasonable rates.

Jim O'Connor has the business experience necessary to look at and understand their books. He will fight for the lowest reasonable rates in order to protect Arizonans like you.

Public trusts can be abused in other ways. The Arizona Constitution allows the Corporation Commission to protect the health and safety of consumers and employees of our public utilities. Jim O'Connor will make sure that our public trust is well placed.

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Fight Fraud

Jim O'Connor will be tough on financial fraud. With years of experience in finance, Jim knows that our economy is stronger when everyone plays by the rules.

The Corporation Commission needs good men like Jim O'Connor who have the knowledge and experience to be effective in the fight against financial fraud.

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Uphold the AZ Constitution

Jim O'Connor will bring a humble approach to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The Arizona Constitution prescribes a limited but important role for the Corporation Commission.

Jim O'Connor will honor the spirit of that limited mandate. He will not seek to expand his powers beyond what a plain and fair reading of the Arizona Constitution and Arizona law allows.

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Cut Red Tape

Arizona businesses need the freedom to innovate and thrive.

Jim O'Connor understands what it takes to succeed in business. He will work to simplify our regulations so that Arizonans have the freedom to dream big.

Jim O'Connor also knows that wise regulation is necessary to promote transparency and accountability. Jim O'Connor will be a voice for reason and caution on the Corporation Commission.

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