We Need Jim O'Connor

Jim O'Connor knows financial regulation. He worked 42 years in the securities industry, responsible for regulatory compliance, investment portfolio management, and enterprise leadership.

He advised the California Senate Select Committee, rewriting investment law, ensuring local governments would not repeat the 1994 Orange County, CA bankruptcy.

Jim now works tirelessly to clean up Arizona Politics. Since retiring from business, Jim O'Connor has donated 12 years of his life — full time — to political service. He has a record of successful leadership and accomplishing real goals. Jim O'Connor has served as

  • Presidential Elector for Donald Trump and Mike Pence
  • President of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA)
  • Legislative District Chairman
  • Member of the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee
  • Candidate for AZGOP State Party Chairman
  • Arizona GOP Member at Large

Put Jim O'Connor's experience and expertise to work at the Arizona Corporation Commission, because Arizona deserves courageous representation.

A photo of Jim